Five Minute Polemic no. 2: The Nonbinary Question


  1. “Letter to the Editor: Class Struggle or Sexual Liberation?,” Struggle Sessions
  2. “Nonbinary LGBTQ Adults in the United States,” Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law
  3. “HeLa Cell,” Encyclopedia Britannica
  4. One can find a relatively detailed exploration of the way assigned roles for people in relation to reproduction and the family have been created and influenced through the history of class society in Engels’s On the Origins of Family, Private Property, and the State, and these roles make up much of the psychosocial stuff of gender: woman is defined in consanguine and reproductive relation to man and vice versa.
  5. The hijras, who are traditionally regarded in India as manifesting a third gender that is neither that of men nor that of women (therefore nonbinary), are attested as existing even in very ancient texts- notably, the infamous Kama Sutra makes reference to a “tritiya prakriti,” a “third nature,” in addition to men and women.



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