Message of Support to the “Jane’s Revenge” Militant Campaign Against Anti-Abortion Reaction

What I write here is deliberately brief; I do not feel much needs to be said that hasn’t been regarding the problem of the anti-abortion tide in this country. This concerted effort to deprive the female proletariat of its rights is a manifestation of bourgeois patriarchy, a part of the cultural superstructure which maintains the social roles of class oppression under bourgeois rule, and the fixation of the bourgeois social order on control of reproduction to ensure the existence of a readily exploitable working class; the reactionary bourgeois judiciary at its head (chiefly through arch-enemy of the people Clarence Thomas) have suggested they may also attack queer rights, and this is much the same phenomenon, a manifestation of the secondary aspect of patriarchy as much as anti-abortion hysteria is of its primary. What I have to say here is this: militant and violent action against this tide is right, just, good, and necessary.

The Jane’s Revenge campaign appears to be principally of anarchists, engaged in decentralized militant actions against anti-abortion institutions, chiefly so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers (mostly reactionary Christian institutions which try to bamboozle women out of seeking abortions by pretending to be clinics; these also play a major role in collating, proliferating, and funding anti-abortion propaganda). It goes without saying that I have my philosophical disagreements, significant ones, with anarchists; nonetheless, these militants have engaged with highly commendable acts of militancy against the misogynist acts of the bourgeois state and this must be unreservedly endorsed and applauded by the progressively minded. I have written before on the necessity and rightness of revolutionary terror and violence against the terror and violence of reaction; I direct detractors to these writings.

There is a website which has collated some J’sR communiques. I am choosing not to link it here on the grounds that increasing traffic may lead to the state attacking and disabling it, but it is not hard to find. It goes without saying that, being that this is a project principally of anarchists, I am not in total agreement with the views in these communiques, and I will always espouse the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist line above the anarchist one as the philosophy of liberation for the downtrodden working class and oppressed masses of the world. But any serious Marxist activist knows that what political forces in a given country are progressive and worthy of working with depends on the material context of the moment- the mighty CPC allied itself with comparatively progressive elements in the KMT against Japanese imperialism, and now we Maoist-minded actors in this country must unite with all elements engaged in genuine militant action against the reactionary judiciary and against the bourgeois patriarchy.





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Marxist-Leninist-Maoist analysis, mainly regarding the revolutionary movement in the US. I sometimes post less formal thoughts on ig @queer.bolshevik